Scent Marketing Consultancy

Fragrances have been part of history since time immemorial; In Ancient Persia, your fragrance determined your class in society and to an extent, it was a sign of political power and wealth

Today, it is seen as a necessary aspect of our world. Everyone is naturally attracted to nice smelling places; I am actually yet to meet anyone who enjoy breathing in awful smells. Scent has the ability to influence individual behaviour almost instantaneously and we therefore have the responsibility as individuals and customer focus company to be scent conscious.

There are numerous ways of using essential oils; topically, ingested, or through the use of a diffuser. Reed diffusers are super handy, they don’t require any electricity or open flames, and are so much safer to use than traditional air fresheners. Reed diffusers provides your room with constant smell till the last drop. Diffusers work by diffusing the scent into the air through the reeds. Rattan reeds are made up of “channels”. There are approximately 20 channels in every reed. The channels basically “suck up” the oil much like a straw. When the oils reach the tops of the reeds (usually within 12-

24 hours) the scent is diffused naturally into the air. This provides a stable, steady scent that is long lasting. The number of reeds you use is based on your personal preferences. The more reeds you use, the stronger the scent. Usually this is between 6 and 10 reeds. If you notice your scent is starting to weaken, flip the reeds. Carefully take the reeds out of the bottle and flip them upside down. This will expose the ends that were sitting in the oil to now be exposed to the air releasing more scent.


Fragrance Consultancy

Our mission is to help you navigate the mysterious world of fragrance creation – either to develop new fragrance offerings for your brand, or to revamp those you already have. Our depth of experience in fragrance development, brand strategy and technical know-how will help identify and maximize the best resources available to craft the right fragrance for your brand. We will help you develop your brand’s fragrance strategy and manage the fragrance creation and selection process from start to finish.