Reed Diffusers

Adding a welcoming fragrance to your room does not only creates a relaxed ambience for your clients, but also speaks well of you. I always recommend reed diffusers as compared to aerosols because reed diffusers require absolutely no effort from you; no electricity, no batteries. Aside from choosing where to place it, the diffuser does all the work, your home will have plenty of time to absorb the wonderful fragrance without any added effort from you.  And let’s not forget they also make a stylish statement to your space with minimal effort

Aroma Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are used to disperse the small molecules in the essential oil through the air so that they may enter the body. When you inhale the scent, the many receptors in your mucus membranes take the smell, identify it, and send sensory stimulation messages to your brain.


Air Humidifiers

Humidifiers add moisture to the air, Some people notice that their skin, lips, and hair become dry and fragile when they sit in an air condition room for long. Cold air outside can also dry out the skin.

Using a humidifier to add moisture to the indoor air may help to reduce the occurrence of dry, cracked skin and also helps your respiratory system.

Air Purifier

According to the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air may be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Air purifiers assist to remove impurities in the air we breathe.

Oil Burners

An aroma oil burner usually consists of a chamber in which to place a small tea light candle, which serves to heat the oil. The oil itself rests in a small, concave dish directly overtop the candle chamber, usually diluted with some spring water. The candle is lit, and in only a minute, warms the water/oil mixture, the smell of which is then released into the surrounding air — without producing smoke or ash.

Tiki Lamp Fuel

Tiki torches do more than just setting the mood for outdoor dining. The Citronella Scented Fuel used in the lamp drives away mosquitoes and bugs, providing your guest with a conducive atmosphere for relaxation.

Citronella Scented Candles.

The unfortunate reality is that, we live with mosquitoes and insects in this part of the world so it is our duty to protect our cherished guest whiles they sit out to enjoy cool breeze

As a natural insect repellent, citronella candles are an effective way to keep pesky mosquitoes and other insects away from decks, and other outdoor areas. Infused with the oil of the citronella plant, this classic scent combines a top note of lemongrass with a bottom note of fresh, clean citronella extract.

Citronella Scented Candles are better alternative to the traditional mosquito coils since the smell is muted and user friendly.